Creative Arts

The Creative Arts team is a community of artists who are called to worship God, serve the body, and share what God has done for us.  We also believe that as an artistic community, we are called to invest in each others' lives as we discover our own unique ministry calling, develop our gifts, and encourage one another to grow in relationship with Christ.

Audition applications


This is the exploration of what Connection Church believes and how we operate as the Body of Christ.  This meeting is required for becoming a partner of Connection Church.   In this 1 ½ hour session, the focus will be on the basics of Christianity and our theological stance.  This is also the beginning stage for the greatest adventure possible on this planet ---- being a deeper engaged part of the greatest movement ever on the planet - The church of the living God!!! 

Special Needs Individuals

PALS is the name for the special needs ministry at Connection Church.  We provide a small group for adults with disabilities.  They meet during the 11:00 am service.  Our class meets in Room 103 following worship in the auditorium and uses Christian curriculum designed for special needs adults.    

It is our goal to:
  • Provide a safe, secure and loving environment adapted to the special needs of each individual
  • Help the parents to feel comfortable leaving their adult child, so that they can attend the service
  • Share Christ and introduce them to a personal relationship with God
  • Allow the participation in the life of the church to special needs adults and their families