Saturday Morning

This prayer gathering meets every Saturday morning for one hour(9am - 10am)  in our prayer room at Connection.   This group is strategic in their prayer focus.  We pray for our church staff,  
community and country.  
All our welcome to participate.

Wednesday Night

This prayer gathering meets every Wednesday evening 7pm - 8:15pm  to pray in our auditorium.   We offer personal prayer and have prayer prompts to guide you in prayer if needed.
All our welcome to participate.

Sunday Morning

We believe as we pray to the God of all hope that He hears us.  All are welcome to join in our prayer room 15 minutes prior to start of services.  We intercede for our Pastor and all who will be attending that morning.    We also, have a vetted upfront Sunday prayer team who is ready to pray for you after services in the prayer room. 

Let's link our faith and Pray. 

Hello, friend.  If you need prayer today, let us partner with you in prayer.  We've seen God move mountains,  rescue out of valleys,  bring prodigals home and set captives free.  
Your need matters to God because you do.  

It's a God Thing!

"Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!'  
Psalm 105:1-2

When God answers prayer we want to know about!  It not only boosts are faith but we are able to share it with everyone so their faith can be lifted.  If a "God Thing" has happened to you, please share it with us!

We can rob God of His Glory in two ways:
1.   Taking credit for what He does.  (God does the healing, mending, setting free, etc., not us.)
2.    Hiding what He does for us.  We are to make known His deeds among the people!    

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